FY13 Early Care and Education State Budget Actions


The National Conference of State Legislators surveyed 21 state legislative fiscal offices on their FY 2013 state appropriations for various education programs in December 2012. Overall, state appropriations to early care and education increased slightly by $127 million (1.5 percent). Although several states continued to struggle to restore cuts from the previous years, others continued to make small but consistent increases in various early care and education budgets.

Key findings from the survey and report:

  • Child care reductions were less pronounced compared to previous years. Overall state appropriations for child care decreased by $60 million (1.1 percent) in FY 2013. While the overall decrease is consistent with funding levels in recent years, FY 2013 reductions occurred in seven of the 21 states surveyed, compared to 17 states in FY 2012. 
  • Prekindergarten continues to rebound with fewer severe reductions. Fewer states cut funding for prekindergarten in FY 2013, and in states that did, reductions were less severe. Overall, state appropriations for prekindergarten increased by $65.6 million (2.8 percent). This upward trend should continue into FY 2014, since several states enacted new policy or budgetary actions during 2013 legislative sessions.
  • Home visiting budgets expanded by combining federal and state resources. In the 21 surveyed states, federal funds comprised 45 percent of all the resources for state home visiting in FY 2013. Although the federal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program grants—scheduled to end in FY 2014—contributed to this influx of resources, states continued to support home visiting programs through general funds, public-private partnerships, and other earmarked state revenue. In FY 2013, state appropriations for home visiting increased by $48.9 million (16.8 percent).


NCSL Early Care and Education State Budget Report FY 2013
NCSL Early Care and Education State Budget Tables FY 2013
Early Care & Education State Budget Actions, FY 2013 Summary of Findings

Phuonglan Nguyen, National Conference of State Legislatures (September 11, 2013)