Q: What is the Alliance for Early Success?

A: The Alliance for Early Success is a catalyst for bringing state, national, and funding partners together to improve state policies that lead to improved health, family support, and early learning outcomes for vulnerable children starting at birth and continuing through age eight. We create and enhance partnerships by convening leaders in innovative ways to get results faster than anyone could do alone. We make investments to reach these outcomes through pooled and aligned funding from the private sector.

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Q: What are the Alliance's areas of focus?

A: The Alliance focuses on achieving better health, learning and economic outcomes for children birth through eight years old, prioritizing children who are most at risk for poor outcomes.  We invest in three strategy areas:

  1. Advocacy to strengthen traditional and non-traditional voices to act as champions for vulnerable young children and their families.
  2. Policymaker leadership to inform policy and budget actions by governors, legislators, chief education officers, and state administrators.
  3. Knowledge and research to serve as a base for effective communications, user-friendly information, policy analyses, and information sharing.

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Q: What outcomes does the Alliance work to achieve?

A: The most immediate outcomes are effective state policies with smart funding so they can be implemented well.  Our ultimate outcomes are:

  • Children thrive in families and communities that support their healthy development. 
  • Children are born healthy, stay healthy, and are surrounded by healthy adults. 
  • Families help their children explore, learn, and grow in safe and nurturing places. 
  • Children arrive at Kindergarten with the skills and abilities to meet developmental milestones, read on grade level, and reach achievement goals in K and grades 1, 2, and 3. 

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Q: What are examples of Alliance investments?

A: The Alliance invests in two major areas: national organizations and experts who make up our Technical Assistance (TA) Network, which changes as we identify needs, gaps, and new ways to support state policy change; and state advocacy groups and leaders who act as children’s champions.  We offer a range of resources including: cash grants, technical assistance, rapid response, peer and expert networking, and information sharing.  Please refer to the partnerships section of our website for information on current investments.

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Q: What are typical investment levels?

A: Levels of investments are based on the amount in the pooled fund each year and the scope of the proposed work.  We typically make grants totaling between $6 and $7 million per year. The Alliance makes both single and multi-year grants that range in size from less than $10,000 to more than $200,000.  

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Q: Are there specific geographic areas of interest for the Alliance?

A: All 50 states benefit from Alliance resources through knowledge development and dissemination. We currently provide direct support to more than half of all states, in varying levels of intensity.  More information on state partners is available at: http://earlysuccess.org/partnerships/state-partners

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Q: What are Alliance grantmaking guidelines?

A: The Alliance invests in state and national not-for-profit organizations whose missions align with our outcome map and our Birth Through Eight State Policy Framework. All organizations must be tax-exempt and follow charitable purpose guidelines set by the IRS.  Since partnerships are an important hallmark of what makes the Alliance successful, we strongly suggest that requests include who and how partnerships will be formed across state and national experts to reach shared goals. Indirect expenses may not exceed 10% of any total request.

The Alliance does not invest in:

  • Lobbying
  • Organizations outside the United States
  • Individuals, programs, or schools
  • Political, social, or fraternal organizations
  • Capitol investments, loans, or scholarships

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Q: How can I apply for a grant?

A: The Alliance awards most grants on September 1, although a portion of funds are reserved for unexpected opportunities and threats that arise throughout the year.  The majority of grants are solicited, but national not-for-profit organizations may submit unsolicited requests.  All requests are done online at https://earlysuccess.fluxx.io/lois/new?utf8=✓&commit=Register

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Q: How do I contact the Alliance?

A: For more information, please email the Alliance at: Info@earlysuccess.org.

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