Navigating Tricky Press Release Waters in the Bayou State

  • Posted on: 20 June 2017
  • By: KaraMotivated

The Louisiana Policy Institute for Children prepared a report on the state’s new rating system for early childhood care and education programs, and wanted to distribute a press release that focused on a few constructive recommendation to improve the system.

“It would have been easy for the press to pick up on the worst of the report,” said Melanie Bronfin, Executive Director of the Louisiana Policy Institute for Children. “But that wouldn’t have been fair to the Louisiana Department of Education, which is doing great work to improve the quality of early care and education with the Unified Quality Rating System.”

That’s when Helene Stebbins connected Melanie to Frank Walter, then Vice-President of Strategic Communications at Child Trends, to seek help devising a strategic release strategy.   In addition, Sarah Daily, PhD, Senior Research Scientist at Child Trends, provided feedback on the report that helped the Institute tighten its findings and review of the standards.

“With Frank’s help, we released the report and received outstanding coverage. The AP even picked up the story and shared it broadly!” Bronfin said. “We’re so grateful to Child Trends, and other Alliance partners for stepping up, often with short notice, to help us communicate in ways that our audiences will understand. This is a huge benefit from being a part of the Alliance.”