Our Work

The Alliance for Early Success is a catalyst for bringing state, national, and funding partners together to improve state policies for children, starting at birth and continuing through age eight. View the Alliance for Early Success Theory of Change.   Below is a description of our work with links to more information.  

Policy Framework

The Alliance for Early Success developed the Birth Through Age Eight State Policy Framework based on a long history of work led by state and national organizations and foundations. We drafted the framework and solicited input from over 150 experts, including early childhood advocates and leaders, K-12 experts and leaders, researchers, policymakers, and foundation officers. The 2015 revision reflects input from a high level Advisory Group as well as additional experts in health and family support. Policy options are updated to reflect the latest research and best practice evidence. The most significant change is the inclusion of cross-cutting policy choices that address multiple issues.

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Alliance grants are grounded in partnerships, because we recognize that we are stronger and better together. In applying for grants, applicants at both the national and state levels must describe how they will partner with others to leverage their individual areas of expertise to accomplish their goals. We invest in state advocates and leaders to advance policy initiatives in select states.
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Technical Assistance and Rapid Response

The Alliance curates the technical expertise of national organizations to improve state policies for young children. Technical assistance may come in the form of research that answers a key policy question, model legislation, best practices from other states, or advice on campaign strategies, communications or other strategies.

The Alliance invests in national organizations and experts who make up our Technical Assistance (TA) Network. The TA Network changes as we identify needs, gaps, and new ways to support policy change. A small portion of most grants is allocated for Rapid Response (RR), allowing grantees to either seize opportunities or prevent threats to policies or funding that could not be predicted when grantees develop their workplans. Support from the TA Network, including Rapid Response, is available to all 50 states.  
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The Alliance for Early Success hosts both an annual meeting and a strategy meeting each year with a combination of grantees, partners and investors. The meetings are by invitation-only and include sessions that run the gamut, from learning more about critical scientific research, messaging, to engaging business leaders in effective advocacy. Each meeting also gives participants the time to share strategies, discuss key policy issues and problem-solve with one another. In addition, the Alliance may co-convene or convene other meetings that help advance our work.
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Each year the Alliance for Early Success compiles an impact report that catalogs the progress made by our state allies across the country.

Though there is still a long way to go, the past year was a banner year in many states.

Take a look at the 2019 Alliance for Early Success Impact Report.