COVID-19 Policy Summaries


The Alliance for Early Success is compiling a series of state response summaries that can help state advocates—and state policy makers—get a broad picture of what other state are doing.


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State Polls and Surveys of Families and Child Care Providers

Last Updated June 5, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing the business of child care, both providers’ ability to operate and parents’ attitudes about putting their children in care. The Alliance for Early Success compiled state and national surveys results to provide a snapshot of the impact of the coronavirus on their needs and attitudes. Survey instruments from state advocacy organizations are also included to provide samples for states interested in surveying parents.





Key Questions and Resources for Family Child Care and Family, Friend, and Neighbor Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Last Updated April 30, 2020


A strategy tailored to the needs and viability of FCC is crucial during the COVID-19 pandemic so that providers in this sector are ready and available for families when they do return to work. This brief provides key questions and related resources that can guide state leaders to make better decisions and policies for the FCC community.






Child Care Subsidy and Payment Changes in Response to COVID-19 
Last updated April 24, 2020
This summary is an Alliance for Early Success compilation of various state policy changes made related to child care subsidy and payments in response to COVID-19. Generally, many states are continuing subsidy payments to try to keep subsidized child care programs whole if they choose to or are forced to close, or if they experience significant declines in attendance. Note that this is not an exhaustive account of all states’ actions. 





States' Approaches to Providing Emergency Child Care to Essential Workers
Last Updated April 24, 2020

In major disasters, states often designate workers in certain industries as essential to the health and safety of the populace. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many states have recognized that without child care, these essential workers cannot perform their duties and service. In response, state policymakers have developed emergency child care programs for this workforce. This brief discusses key decision points that state leaders have to make and the varying approaches taken thus far.





State Advocacy Asks Related to Coronavirus
Last Updated April 17, 2020

State early childhood advocates are focusing their attention on what state officials can do to support young children and their families during the Coronavirus pandemic. These clear, public recommendations — issued by early childhood experts — can have a profound impact on policymaker decision making in this fast-paced, rapidly changing environment. This is a summary of the key requests and recommendations being made by state advocates to state officials.