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Report or Brief 2018

Indispensables for Quality Pre-K

Read about three instructional practices and three policies that are indispensable to high-quality teaching and learning in pre-K, according to program leaders and researchers across the country.

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Website 2017

Heckman Equation

Need to make the case for investing in quality early childhood education for disadvantaged children? Get videos, scientific papers, infographics and research summaries to download, share, and embed in your work.

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Website 2017

First Five Years Fund

The First Five Years Fund provides information, advocacy and outreach materials that help advance federal investment in quality early childhood education for disadvantaged children from birth to age five. Download infographics, reports, videos, letters, and presentation decks from the website.

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Website 2017

Center on the Developing Child

The Center strives to present information, especially scientific information, in a way that is accessible to a wide range of readers. Download briefs, videos,  presentations, tools and guides.

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Infographic 2016

Infographics on 2016 Polling Resuts Showing Bipartisan Support for ECE

Infogaphics from the national poll, as well as results from some states (Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio)

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Website 2015

Shared Message Databank

Colorado stakeholders developed shared messages in order to speak from a collective voice, engage more audiences and mobilize action to address early adversity and toxic stress in children.

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