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50-State Data 2016

Home Visiting Program: State Fact Sheets

State data on home visiting, including: funding streams, number of participants, program details, and a county-level map. 

view link by Health Resources and Services Administration, Department of Health and Human Services
50-State Data 2016

Early Childhood Profiles

Two-generational policies and data: Includes demographics on income, race/ethnicity, exposure to risk factors, data on policies to promote access to services and quality services in health, early care and education, and parenting and economic supports.

view link by National Center for Children in Poverty
50-State Data 2016

The Wage Gap for Mothers, State by State and race/ethnicity

Data available includes: Median annual earnings of mothers, median annual earnings of fathers, difference in annual earnings, what a mother makes for every dollar a father makes, and the wage gap

view link by National Women's Law Center
50-State Data 2016

High-Quality Early Learning Settings Depend on a High-Quality Workforce: Low Compensation Undermines Quality

Data on the early childhood workforce including: Annual workforce earnings by setting, median annual wages in other occupations, and young child demographics.

view link by Administration for Children and Families and Department of Education
50-State Data 2016

State Child Welfare Policy Database Foster Care Facts

Foster care facts: age distribution of children in foster care.

view link by Child Trends
50-State Data 2016

State-level data on child maltreatment

Child maltreatment data: Information about the characteristics of the reports of abuse and neglect, the children involved, the types of maltreatment, the CPS findings, the risk factors of the child and the caregivers, the services provided, and the perpetrators - including age breakdown of victims of maltreatment

view link by Child Trends
50-State Data 2016

The Care Index

Child care state data includes: cost of in home care, cost of in center care, average cost, cost as percent of household income, cost as percent of minimum wage, quality, and availability . State data available on interactive Care Index map.

view link by New America,
50-State Data 2016

50-State Comparison: K-3 Quality

Kindergarten through Grade 3 Quality Policies (six K-3 policy areas including basic requirements (length of data and student-to-teacher ratios), school readiness and transitions, assessment, intervention, and retention, instructional quality, family engagement, social-emotional learning)

view link by Education Commission of the States
50-State Data 2016

Early Childhood Homelessness in the United States: 50-State Profile

Data on homelessness and participation in early childhood programs, including: number of children experiencing homelessness, including numbers of those served by Head Start/Early Head Start, McKinney-Vento, Child Care Development Fund and MIECHV

view link by Office of Early Childhood Development, Administration for Children and Families
50-State Data 2016

State Equality Index

State policy data that affects LGBTQ people and their families includes: relationship recognition, parenting laws, non-discrimination laws, hate crime laws, youth laws, and health and safety. State scorecards (fact sheets) are available.

view link by Human Rights Campaign